Miracle Mineral Solution - MMS will Detox the Body 



The Anti-Oxidant Value of MMS

MMS is a powerful anti-oxidant. Just six drops of MMS, mixed the inexpensive vinegar or citric acid and juice or water gives you the same effect as taking 3,000 mg of vitamin C powder, three times a day. MMS stays active in the body for twelve hours, making it very convenient for those who’s busy schedule make it difficult to stop mid-day for another dose. How easy can this be?


MMS has been reportedly used in treating many diseases, without harmful side effects or debilitating treatment protocols. Cancer, AIDS, HIV, Malaria, E.Coli poisoning, and other potentially fatal dis-eases have been treated using MMS with positive results. MMS supports the immune system.

Chlorine dioxide has one-hundred times the energy to perform the role that oxygen does in our natural detoxification process, and will not harm healthy cells.

How does MMS affect a healthy body? (It will not hurt healthy cells.) MMS dissipates within twelve hours. Your healthy cells, those above 7ph, will not be affected by chlorine dioxide. If there is nothing for the chlorine dioxide to attach to, those parasitic, fungal, or diseased cells, then it is used in the production of hypochlorous acid. Your supply of hypochlorous acid has effectively been increased, giving the body even more power to fight dis-ease and the harmful effects of toxins.

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