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Animal Detox Using MMS

I decided to start my dogs on a detox program using MMS. One dog is 10 years old, and has fatty tumors that several vet's have shrugged their shoulders at, "some dogs just get fatty tumors". She also has a sluggish thyroid and needs her anal glands extracted periodically. She's the one I am most interested in detoxing. The other dog is 4 years old, in very good health except for a fatty tumor near her throat. This one worries me, but again I am told that its "normal". I had not seen a dog with fatty tumors until the last 6 years, and I have seen many dogs.


I mixed two drops, and divided it by weight for each dog, and mixed the drops with chicken broth instead of water or juice. My younger dog is very strong and active, so I didn't notice anything different in her behavior, but the older dog was noticeably perkier. She had slowed down quite a bit from a low thyroid level. I was much happier giving her MMS to help her body heal itself than give her drugs that artificially modified her levels. Those drugs also required blood draws to monitor her treatment, and I had read that this medication could harm or overstress her heart. I did not want to put her at risk! The MMS helps her energy level, so I can only assume that it is treating the cause of her low thyroid instead of just chasing the symptoms.

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