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When I first heard about MMS I was skeptical. But I heard the stories, from people I knew, about how they were getting results. They made comments like "I feel healthier", and "my eyesight is clearer". So I decided to give it a try.


I bought my first bottle of MMS with the citric acid activator in a kit, this gave me everything I needed to start this detoxification program. Starting with two drops, I took my first dose with apple juice. It was okay. The next morning I increased to three drops, then four that evening. I continued the process for several days, slowly increasing my dosage.

After a few days I noticed a change. My sense of smell was clearer than I ever remembered. Before now I could have been inches from my lilac bush and could not smell those very fragrant flowers. Now I had a much better sense of smell. My food was more appealing, and felt that happy feeling when I smelled the fresh bread at the bakery.

My energy level improved as well. I could take longer walks without tiring! Along with my higher energy level I also noticed my mental processes were clearer, and my mood followed suit. I just felt stronger in just about every way.

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We trust our advertisers who make this non-profit informational website available. Here's a secure shopping cart to buy the original formula -- Jim Humble's approved "Miracle Mineral Solution- MMS" We ship MMS everyday, 100's are benefiting from Miracle Mineral Solution in detoxifying the body!

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