Miracle Mineral Solution - MMS will Detox the Body 



MMS Kills Germs

Jim Humble's life experiences and research gradually brought proof that MMS -- chlorine dioxide used as an anti-bacterial, anti-viral agent could be used internally. It has been used for 80 years internally by backpackers.


The MMS dosage rules require users to activate MMS as a slow-release, drinkable mixture which, after drinking, then becomes the detoxifying ClO2 agent that kills germs.

The Jim Humble story about his gold mining journey to a jungle mining camp in Venezuela -- leading to discovery is recorded in his free book "Miracle Mineral Supplement for the 21st century"

People who purchase MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement from the various laboratories get a $20 dollar bottle of water-detoxifying liquid with a flip-top dropper-lid - a one to two year supply - depending on how much you share with other people, of course. Or you can buy two small bottles for $24.95 here:

magnesium oil, Buy MMS in 2 small bottles for the price of one, Jim humble book, MMS DVD

Persons who choose to use MMS internally must print the MMS protocol instructions.

The MMS testing period lasted from 2001 to 2006 involving over 100,000 people. Since then over 2,250,000 persons have purchased the Miracle Mineral Supplement (2006 to 2008).

This extensive history of use demonstrates the safety of MMS when used as directed.

Over 80 years of use... Internal use of this mineral supplement has its basis in the experiences and publications of professionals and in the extensive bibliography of research papers and medical reports. The FDA approves the use of MMS (chlorine Dioxide) for cleaning raw chicken, fish, seafood and beef.

It is harmless = No one has died or been harmed by this MMS - mineral solution. Compare that with the warnings that accompany almost any drug or anti-biotics that doctors prescribe.

Compiled by TMC Jan 14, 2009

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