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Fighting the Harmful Effects of Amalgams and Heavy Metals

We’ve all read about the harmful effects of amalgam fillings. These fillings, used for many years in dental care, contain mercury, a heavy metal, one of the most poisonous substances in existence. We will not use this space to blame our health care system. Let’s take the approach of correcting a situation that we have found to be harmful to our health and well-being.


Mercury accumulates in the body. Over time mercury leeches from those dental amalgams and is stored in the body. We do not easily release mercury from our body. With time this accumulation of this poison robs us of our vitality and diminishes our mental processes. Life is too precious to waste, and our memories are the only thing that truly belongs to us. Mercury robs us of our mental function.

Nowadays when you visit the dentist notice the precautions they take. They were masks to avoid breathing the mercury vapor. I have never been offered a mask to protect me from those same vapors. They use a dam around the tooth to capture all the amalgam. They must follow protocol to properly dispose of this very harmful substance.

Many individuals have taken action to have their amalgam fillings replaced with less harmful substances. This does not clear the accumulated mercury from the body. Additional measure must be taken to release this toxin from the cells that protect the vital parts of our body from harm.

MMS aides the body in nullifying mercury so it can safely be released from the body. One individual who has used the MMS protocol for treatment of diabetes, which reportedly improved when using a low dose of MMS, attended a health fair. She was tested for toxins that were contained in her body. The results of her test showed a very low level of heavy metals in the body. It was commented that those results were uncommon, that most of us test high in heavy metals. Mercury is one of many heavy metals. The only health protocol she was using was MMS.

We can regain our health, restore our mental acuity, and improve our outlook through simple health maintenance protocols and a healthy diet. MMS is a tool in our fight for better health and fitness.

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