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Heavy Weight Fighting Comes to the Kitchen!

Many in the western cultures are fighting the battle with our weight. Heavy Weight Fighting has come to the kitchen! It's easy to add those 10 or 20 extra pounds. We wonder how that happened, but at the same time we know. We live in a fast food society, with high calorie choices. Listen to the news reports, countries that did not have a weight gain problem are now joining the fight! Why is that? Western fast food has entered their country!


Weight control can also be a combination of the balancing of our foods, eating enough fresh, whole foods. Choosing nutritious foods is important! Have you ever asked yourself how much your food cravings is a cry for nutrients? When you consume foods rich with the nutrients your body needs those cravings magically disappear. You can then easily feel satisfied with smaller portions, giving you the edge in the Heavy Weight Fight.

Stress affects our health and well-being as well, and can lead to overeating. You might call it "unconscious eating". This is taking your meal to the TV, or eating on the go. We forget to slow down and enjoy our meal. The dinner table used to be the time of the day when the family could talk about their day, share their experiences, and reinforce their commitment to one another. Today it's all about Jeopardy, or the news. Next thing you know you put the reaction to the stimuli into your eating. This is known as "emotional eating".

The battle of the bulge -- The weight battle is not hopeless, we can win the Heavy Weight Fight! By adding healthier foods to our diets, or reinforcing our pleasure of eating with whole-food supplements, and bringing thought and enjoyment into our meal times, we can take the Heavy Weight Fight out of the kitchen!

Enjoy Life even more!

Add some alternative "insurance" to your kitchen cabinets in the form of iracle Mineral Solution - MMS?

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