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Does WPD (MMS) help Herpes?

Testimonial from curezone.com

I've been taking MMS (Water Purification Drops) or WPD as they are now called... about a month and, I was diagnosed with genital herpes since october 06, I've had only 2 outbreaks during that time, but since starting MMS I'm having painful outbreak, is MMS fighting to let the virus outta my system? I'm on 12 drops now I 've already reached to 15 drops and dropped down to 5 because i was vomiting and having diarhea allday.


Right now I'm having painful outbreak and diarhhea all day, did anybody experienced this? Also on Mr. Jim Humble's 2nd book what did it say about herpes has there anyone been cured of herpes using mms i know everything else doesn't work, herpes is just worst disease, My life has been nonexistent since october 06, I am 28 year old male. I've tried some herbal medicine for few months and it didn't seem to work. I really need to get this disease outta my system. (from Viggo) Thanks

Dear Viggo,

I have oral and gentital herpes. i have had it since i was 25 and i am now 41. so does my husband(genital). we have been on mms since december 31st. we have not had a full blown herpes outbreak since being on mms. however, there is that sensation/tingling feeling but the herpes never quite breaks out. and this has happened many times to me and my husband... but to this day--- no full blown herpes sores! --- i was having a breakout 2x a month before mms and always during my period like clock-work. this month, my period came and went and no herpes break out! --- i am amazed b/c it is the first month in 16 years that i have not had a breakout. sometimes i feel the sensations but they never come out.

however, i know of another personon mms who, like you, had an outbreak that was very intense... but she wasnt one to have frequent outbreaks like myself. my sense with that is that it is a healing crisis. in other words the mms is forcing the issue to the surface to be dealt with--- now the girl i told you about; she has in the past had very few outbreaks and the dormant virus has been hiding, and i believe, in her case,the mms is forcing it to the surface to be dealt with.

where i had almost continual break outs so my situation w/ mms was different the herpes practically lived on the surface. now this is just my theory --- but it seems to make the most sense.

another poster named "boondoc"(who is an m.d. on this CUREZONE.COM forum) posted the following. i think this may be what is happening to you. boondoc calls a healing crisis "retracement"--- his words are below---


.... "we always need to remember the possibility of "Retracement".

For those not familiar with the concept, it is when your body is healing, many times old injuries or conditions will reappear as the immune system frees the toxins up to naturalize them as it gets ready for transport out of your body.

These retracements can be physical and/ or emotional in nature.

Jim MD' ---------------------

so viggo,

as an aside--- from my experience, i know that getting herpes felt very tragic at that time in my life... i truly understand how a young man in his 20's must feel--- i was there too! yet, the herpes propelled me into a deep investigation of my life and what it stood for--- it catapulted me into a deeper place in my being. a voyage of self discovery and a realization of what i really wanted in life.--- it took me from a superficial life into a life with meaning, care and purpose...i allowed it to take me to the real me--- and the journey was not easy--- but i now realize it was worth it!

herpes has a lot of social stigma to it... and i know it is hard with dating and such--- but i know for me, the men i chose to date after that would have to be more real in order to deal with what i had--- so herpes led me to really good people, believe it or not--- and finally i knew the man i married truly loved me b/c he cared not if i had herpes... he loved me through it. and i accidentally gave it to him... and he still loved me. now we are healing together...

Thanks to http://curezone.com for sharing these comments.

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