Miracle Mineral Solution - MMS will Detox the Body 



Chlorine Dioxide Kills Microbes, bacteria, Fungus, HIV, TB, etc.

We are swimming in a sea of bacteria -- Increasingly we are told to take charge of our body's health. What does that mean? Read -- study -- Learn about the true cause of disease.


Would you experiment with an 80 year old product? You have opportunity with MMS to voluntarily participate in self-administration of this mineral supplement at a cost of pennies per dose.

You can run your own MMS tests, keep your own MMS records, get well, have more energy and avoid the flu. Most people observe changes in their bodies that include restored energy, ambition, productivity, enjoy life force energy and better health and well being.

Alternative Health Remedies are proving to be safer than prescription drugs... But what about taking MMS internally? The Miracle Mineral solution has been specially formulated for internal use. Once the MMS formula was perfected, years of field testing in Africa, MMS demonstrated that no short-term or long-term side effects could be found. You will not die from using MMS. Jim Humble has a DVD from clinics in Mexico that are using the MMS with great results.

In your kitchen -- You mix it yourself according to directions, dilute it with water, add juice (juice without additional Vit. C added)and then drink it. It's even approved as a food additive, approved as a water purifier for hikers and even cities. As an additive to food packages -- after food packages are sealed chlorine dioxide gas continues to destroy all known germs. And in the same way it destroys all known germs in your blood system and body when taken internally.

These diseases are cured when the invading bacteria, fungus, etc. is destroyed:


Chicken Pox


Prostate cancer

Heart disease















Arthritis inflammation


Herpes virus

Lyme's disease

MMS or as officially called: Chlorine dioxide has been a germicidal agent for over 80 years, used in hospitals, homes, and institutions where a guarantee of germ-free table surfaces, for example, is needed.

After 911 when the germ war scare was happening officials knew of its power. It was used liberally when Anthrax had to be scrubbed out of government offices in Washington DC. It's the preferred disinfecting chemical to use where sterilization of walls or ceilings is demanded. (So is ozone a good wall cleaner) Passenger ships, hospitals, daycare centers, rely on the uncanny ability of chlorine dioxide in solution to seek and kill pathogens of nearly all types on cruise ships. MMS works at the quantum level seeking out (+) charges that are anti-life. It oxidizes all pathogens and heavy metals over time -- killing one microbe at a time.

Are you a person -- out of the box? Persons who prefer to take personal responsibility for their health will welcome this new opportunity. Once you experience the effectiveness of MMS, you may want to be without this cheap solution to killing microbes. It will Kill Lyme Disease 100% over a 1-year period of use.

Compiled by TMS Jan 2009 -- copyrighted 2009

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