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Jim Humble Story -- How He discovered MMS

During a gold mining expedition -- deep into the jungles of Venezuela, an aerospace engineer and chemist, Jim Humble, made an accidental health discovery when the workers came down with malaria.


Because he was a gringo in the wilds of a tropic jungle trip, Jim Humble knew he could not carry enough water for several months out in the hot humid jungle, so he took along some water purification tablets -- Chlorine Dioxide. He knew that local streams and rivers to be plentiful in the mining area, but Jim needed to treat the water for parasites before drinking it.

Who is Jim Humble?

This is the Jim Humble story and how his third career started while on a gold prospecting trip in the jungle of Venezuela.

Therefore, because he had no medication for malaria, and the nearest town was three days travel away -- Jim Humble decided on using stabilized oxyge -- his water purification drops. Since Jim Humble was the only one who did not become sick with malaria, he decided he would try the chlorine dioxide as a treatment for the gold miner team of workers who became sick with malaria.

The chlorine dioxide worked and the workers were ready to return to work in a few days. This story where Jim Humble discovered the cure for Malaria by accident has opened a flood gate to eager people wanting to help others overcome sickness.

Now thousands and thousands are helping their family get well by killing pathogens with MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution.

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