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Choosing MMS for Feeling Better

The choices I make regarding my home and health are typically a combination of my own research and experience, my better judgment, common sense, and the opinions of those I trust. One of those people, world renowned intuitive healer and Ayurveda Practitioner Andreas Moritz (author of "the amazing liver and gallbladder flush") is recommending MMS to his patients.


I ordered my MMS kit, and received it within days. Very impressive turn-around time on my order! I followed the directions and suggestions that came along with my kit, this helped me to understand how to properly prepare and use MMS. At first I didn't have any reaction. After a couple of days, increasing my dosage each day, I started to experience a headache just after taking my dose. The headache went away pretty quickly, usually within half an hour, and then the rest of the day I did not have any negative reactions, but I did notice that I felt more energy. I slept better as well.

I've been following the MMS protocol for two weeks now, and donít get those headaches anymore. When I prepare each dose Iím amazed that I'm only using 10 drops. I look at the bottle, itís still relatively full! They were telling me the truth, this bottle could last me two years! Not bad for a $25 investment for the kit. They make it easier to start this protocol by providing all the necessary tools, even an extra bottle for mixing the citric acid.

I'm happy with the results so far, and I have not even finished the full program. Now I'm telling my friends about MMS and the results I've noticed, and they are trying it, too. Everyone who's tried a dose or two at my home has ordered their own kit, so I guess they are finding benefits as well! I'm always happy to share ideas and solutions with my friends and family, especially when its as easy and beneficial as using MMS.

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