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What Are Malaria Symptoms

What Are Malaria Symptoms

Author: Leo Safari

To be able to say for certain about malaria symptoms, one needs to know that the time between initial infection and when the symptoms appear ( the incubation period) varies.


The normal incubation period is between 9 and 14 days. Nevertheless symptoms could appear in as little as 7 days or the body can host the virus for as long as between 18 to 40 days. On occasion the disease has been known to take even up to 10 months to manifest.

Causes of delayed manifestation.

The general good health of and body immunity of a person can lengthen the incubation period.

A person may be infected but show no signs because they happen to be on preventive medicine for malaria.

At the beginning, malaria symptoms may not follow a specific pattern and the time factor alone may therefore be a poor basis for diagnosis. Infection may be there and continuing to get worse if left unattended.

What to look out for.

-- fever

-- chills

-- nausea and vomiting

-- appetite loss

-- headaches

Lots of sweating

-- energy loss

-- tiredness

-- dry coughs

-- back pain and muscle pain

-- enlarged liver and spleen

Fever is often the first the earliest sign of malaria and it is important to get diagnosis from a qualified doctor. As stated a malaria attack can be very subtle.

Severe malaria infection

If the disease degenerates and continues to be unattended, further symptoms could include

-- jaundice

-- convulsions

-- shock and coma

-- kidney and or liver failure

- a change in the mental state and the onset of cerebral malaria

Malaria is a killer disease. So go for proper diagnosis in case you experience some of the above listed malaria symptoms.

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