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Mercury Poisoning and MMS

"I've had problems with fatigue and brain fog for several years. I've also had lower back pain and blurry vision, both of which I thought was unrelated. I have amalgam fillings. I plan on having those fillings removed. I've tried many treatments, visiting both my physician and now the naturopath that now provides my health care since my MD relocated. I found little relief in my symptoms from the mainstream medications my MD gave me. Some of the treatments by my naturopath helped, but the ill effect returned after I finished the treatments."


"Nothing is more frustrating than brain fog. I know I am a smart person, but cannot always connect my thoughts. My mind races but doesn’t seem to go anywhere! I have had few times in recent years when I have been able to think clearly, but I have experienced it, and want that clarity as my normal state of being, not the rare exception."

"It has been suggested to me that I likely have mercury poisoning from the fillings that I have carried in my teeth for over 40 years. I started the MMS protocol, and have noticed an improvement in my overall health. I have worked my way up to 7 drops in one dose, and will continue."

"My brain fog is improving, but it is a slow change. I have noticed that my sleep patterns are better, and when I wake up I feel more rested. My low back pain is more noticeable to me now, not because it is getting worse, but because it is getting better. I had blocked out the ongoing aching in my back. Now that my back is "unlocking" I notice it more. This makes me very happy, that I have had such positive results."

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