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Does MMS (Water Purification Drops) Hurt Good Bacteria?

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While Jim Humble has some ideas on how chlorine dioxide works, he hasn't been able to bring forward any evidence that his ideas are correct. I, and others, have repeatedly asked him how he came to the conclusion that chlorine dioxide is selective in the bacteria it kills, and he remains unresponsive.

Looking further into this, I find that chlorine dioxide is registered with the EPA as both a disinfectant and a sterilizer. I believe to qualify as a sterilizer, it has to be able to remove at least 99.9% of all bacteria in 5 minutes. The concentrations listed for the products that provide this vary from 3 - 500 PPM chlorine dioxide, with most in the 25 - 100 PPM range.

I actually contacted a testing laboratory to see if they would run some tests with "good" bacteria and chlorine dioxide. They told me that I would be wasting my money. Good bacteria is easy to kill off and requires much less of a concentration of chlorine dioxide than bad bacteria, in most cases. One of the hardest bacteria to kill with chlorine dioxide is Mycobacterium bovis which is tuberculosis. With chlorine dioxide it requires 500 PPM for 10 minutes for a 99.9999% kill.

I tried to figure out how I could test this for myself and decided that the bacteria that form yogurt are beneficial. If I could add some chlorine dioxide solution to my yogurt starter and still form yogurt, that would prove that Jim Humble was correct.

Unfortunately, I was unable to make yogurt when chlorine dioxide was added. I did fine with just citric acid, but when an activated sodium chlorite solution was added I was unable to make yogurt.

When I passed my test methods and results to Jim Humble asking him why the good bacteria was being killed off, he remained unresponsive.

My conclusion is that the people who manufacture, use, and test these products daily know more about this topic than Jim Humble does. This is also backed up by my efforts at testing.

You may want to consider doing your own round of testing, or finding a laboratory to do the tests for you. I think it was only going to cost a few hundred dollars to have the tests done, and that would give you a better understanding on how chlorine dioxide works with bacteria.

On the topic of iodine, this was studied in some clinical trials with humans. They noticed some variations when the people were taking water with higher levels of chlorine dioxide in it (5 PPM), but in the final analysis the variation was determined to be insignificant. This study only ran for 12 weeks, so we don't have any data on long term effects.Tom

Yes, solid scientific tests/proof are all well and good, but millions of $$ of supposed "solid scientific tests" and an FDA stamp of approval all said that Cymbalta would be a great new anti-depressant drug, and yet, myself and many others who initially tried Cymbalta got as sick as dogs within hours of their very first dose of it.

So, so much for "legitimate scientific" tests.

Thus, my MMS test & evidence will be, do I personally get better from the MMS, and do I personally consistently experience die-off reactions from the MMS.

Until then, the success stories/testimonies I read here will keep me enthused about MMS.

Tom, can I assume that you have personally experienced or else personally observed in others some success stories from MMS use? - cwk

Hello Cwk,

I have observed improvements in people taking activated sodium chlorite solutions, and have also observed improvements in people taking antibiotics...

Both destroy both good and bad bacteria in the GI tract.


There is a big difference between the fact that the FDA approved Cybalta and you being asked to do your own research. It has been known for 30 years or so that there are over 150 FDA officials that own stock in the pharmaceutical companies they regulate in violation of Federal insider trading laws.

So the FDA looks the other way when the drug companies falsify or manipulate their studies to get approval. You are being asked to do your own non-manipulated test to prove this fact for yourself.

If there is no financial motive for your you to be proven wrong then you should have no problem in performing such a simple experiment. Think of all the people you can save here by reporting the facts when you find them out. Apparently whoever originally claimed that chlorine dioxide only killed anaerobic, but not aerobic, bacteria was lying.

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