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Using Miracle Mineral Solution in your Kitchen is a Healthy Decision

by Virginia Pipolini

Note: MMS is now being called Water Purification Drops.

Around the world there are federal and local health authorities who have studied and approved the use of sodium chlorite to treat water and reduce bacteria and other harmful pathogens in processed meats and foods. Sodium chlorite is cost effective, and you can use this powerful purifying mineral in your home.

One bottle of "Water Purification Drops" or as it used to be called: MMS, or Miracle Mineral Solution, can last a very long time, and when mixed with an inexpensive activator such as vinegar, it produces chlorine dioxide. This solution can be thinned with water and used for cleaning and sterilizing your home. Just put it in a spray bottle for disinfecting the kitchen sink.

News confirms that MMS is being used -- Chlorine dioxide is used to purify water through out the world and normally sodium chlorite is a chemical that is used to generate chlorine dioxide. It would probably be more economical for you to buy 100 pounds of sodium chlorite, since it will last you for 20 years. If you were to make a 28% solution of MMS (sodium chloride), you can use 1 drop per gallon of water about once a week. That should kill the mosquitoes and everything else in the water. For water purification it is not necessary to activate the MMS since the water will activate it.

When you use Miracle Mineral solution, or MMS, in the kitchen you only need a few drops each day for many uses and applications. Mix a few drops of MMS with a 10% citric acid solution as an activator, and give it a couple of minutes to mix. You can then dilute it with water, add it to your sprayer bottle, and you will have a powerful, safe purification system ready for use.

What kitchen uses are there for the sodium chlorite solution produced by MMS? You can soak your sponge and scrubbers in an MMS solution, thereby reducing the bacterial count. Sponges are notorious for holding and growing bacteria, and most sponges remain in use far beyond the safe use period.

The solution you make using your Miracle Mineral Solution activated mix can be used to sterilize counters as well as your sink. We have all heard how important it is to sterilize the working surfaces in your kitchen after handling raw meat. It is just as important to cleanse your hands as well, both before and after handling raw meats. Use your sprayer to mist working surfaces, knifes, and sink. You can even spray the meat itself, just as they do in those packaging facilities. Chlorine dioxide dissipates into salts and water, and nothing more.

A good spray bottle: Keep the mister with your miracle mineral solution mixture handy for cleaning your hands before you grab that bowl or glass out of the cupboard. This easy to mix, cost effective solution will not hurt healthy skin cells, but will attack the bacteria and other pathogens you may have picked up from keyboards, doorknobs and pets.

When you mix Miracle Mineral Solution with the citric acid activator it will last for weeks as a disinfectant. This means you will want to mix a new solution, using only a couple drops of MMS each month, something easily done. Use this spray throughout the day to maintain your healthy kitchen. When done you can pour the left over in your pet water bowl to purify the water and the bowl as well.

About the Author: Virginia Pipolini offers many natural health tips for safe and cost effective daily practices for better living. You can learn more about MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution at the MMS blog water purification drops for sale! buy water purification drops(mms) at a secure shopping cart buy mms miracle mineral-shipped daily magnesium, water purification drops, Jim humble book, MMS DVD MMS, miracle mineral solution
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