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Sodium Chlorite - Chlorine dioxide + DMSO In Treating Disease

One important thing Jim Humble discovered is that chlorine dioxide can be made at home by mixing stabilized oxygen (also known as: sodium chlorite) with an "activator." It is the "activator" which converts the sodium chlorite into chlorine dioxide.

MMS - DMSO - Used together in the 24-hour Cancer Cure protocol where the Miracle Mineral solution is activated, mixed with DMSO and rub it on the skin every hour for 13 hours. DMSO will take the MMS directly into the body through the skin. This application causes no nausea problems that is common with drinking the Chlorine dioxide procedure.

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -- Chlorine dioxide is a chemical compound with the formula ClO2. This reddish-yellow gas crystallizes as orange crystals at −59 C. As one of several oxides of chlorine, it is a potent and useful oxidizing agent used in water treatment and in bleaching.

ClO2 has a long history of use in the United States -- Chlorine dioxide is used primarily (>95%) for bleaching of wood pulp, but is also used for the bleaching of flour and for the disinfection of municipal drinking water. Sisty-four years ago -- The Niagara Falls, New York water treatment plant first used chlorine dioxide for drinking water treatment in 1944 for phenol destruction.

Fifty-two years ago -- Chlorine dioxide was introduced as a drinking water disinfectant on a large scale in 1956, when Brussels, Belgium, changed from chlorine to chlorine dioxide. Its most common use in water treatment is as a pre-oxidant prior to chlorination of drinking water to destroy natural water impurities that produce trihalomethanes on exposure to free chlorine. Trihalomethanes are suspect carcinogenic disinfection by-products associated with chlorination of naturally occurring organics in the raw water.

Chlorine dioxide is also superior to chlorine when operating above pH7, in the presence of ammonia and amines and/or for the control of biofilms in water distribution systems. Chlorine dioxide is used in many industrial water treatment applications as a biocide including cooling towers, process water and food processing. Chlorine dioxide is less corrosive than chlorine and superior for the control of legionella bacteria.

It is more effective as a disinfectant in most circumstances than chlorine against water borne pathogenic microbes such as viruses, bacteria and protozoa including the cysts of Giardia and the oocysts of Cryptosporidium.

Water Treatment Systems -- The use of chlorine dioxide in water treatment leads to the formation of the by-product chlorite which is currently limited to a maximum of 1 ppm in drinking water in the USA. This EPA standard limits the use of chlorine dioxide in the USA to relatively high quality water or water which is to be treated with iron based coagulants. (Iron can reduce chlorite to chloride.)

Used against Virus Infections -- Protective effect of low-concentration chlorine dioxide gas against influenza A virus infection Ogata N, Shibata T. J Gen Virol 89 (2008), 60-67; DOI 10.1099/vir.0.83393-0 http://vir.sgmjournals.org/cgi/content/abstract/89/1/60

Chlorine Dioxide Kills mold -- It can also be used for air disinfection, and was the principal agent used in the decontamination of buildings in the United States after the 2001 anthrax attacks. Recently, after the disaster of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana and the surrounding Gulf Coast, chlorine dioxide has been used to eradicate dangerous mold from houses inundated by water from massive flooding.

Chlorine dioxide is used as an oxidant for phenol destruction in waste water streams, control of zebra and quagga mussels in water intakes and for odor control in the air scrubbers of animal byproduct (rendering) plants.

Stabilized chlorine dioxide can also be used in an oral rinse to treat oral disease and malodor, but its adverse side-effects are still being investigated.[1]

Laboratory Preparation of Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is a highly endothermic compound that can decompose extremely violently when separated from diluting substances. As a result preparation methods that involve producing solutions of it without going through a gas phase stage are often preferred.

In the laboratory, ClO2 is prepared by oxidation of sodium chlorite:[2]

2NaClO2 + Cl2 → 2ClO2 + 2 NaCl


Thanks to the Cancer Tutor Web site: http://cancertutor.com/index.html

Using MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution with DMSO for Transdermal (application to the skin)to Kill pathogens threatening the immune system

Are there Any Allergies to DMSO?

This treatment includes DMSO. I have never seen a case of an allergy to DMSO, but apparently in rare cases someone is allergic to DMSO. When you get your bottle of DMSO put one drop on your skin and see if you have an allergic reaction. If not, an hour later put 10 drops on your skin and spread it out. If you do not have a reaction, go ahead with the treatment.

What Is Chlorine Dioxide?

Chlorine dioxide has been studied by scientists for many years and has been mentioned in many scientific journals. However, it was Jim Humble who brought chlorine dioxide to the forefront of alternative medicine.

Jim used 15 drops of chlorine dioxide, followed one hour later by another 15 drops, to cure malaria. AIDS/HIV can also be cured with chlorine dioxide, though the administration of chlorine dioxide is different.

Another thing Jim Humble discovered is that chlorine dioxide can be made at home by mixing stabilized oxygen (also known as: sodium chlorite) with an "activator." It is the "activator" which converts the sodium chlorite into chlorine dioxide.

Normal stabilized oxygen (e.g. Vitamin O, Aerobic O7 or Aerobic KO7) is usually between 3% and 6% sodium chlorite. This is NOT the same thing as table salt, which is sodium chloride.

Stabilized oxygen (i.e. sodium chlorite) has been used in alternative medicine for several decades. It is used primarily to prevent viral infections, such as colds and the flu, and to treat allergies.

The Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) is 28% sodium chlorite. The reason for this mixture is so that it will react more readily to the "activator."

Vendors may sell bottles which recommend adding MMS to some form of vinegar. DO NOT USE VINEGAR WITH MMS!!! Vinegar can actually feed yeast infections.

The three things you can mix with MMS are (these are the three activators): 1) fresh squeezed lemon juice, which you squeeze yourself, 2) fresh squeezed lime juice, which you squeeze yourself, or 3) 10% powdered citric acid

Any of these three items will chemically react to the sodium chlorite to create chlorine dioxide. The powdered citric acid is the preferred item to mix with MMS, if it is purchased from a vendor of MMS. If it is not purchased from a vendor of MMS it may have been sitting on the shelf for many months. But MMS vendors have high turnover of citric acid, thus the product is always fresh.

10% citric acid mixes better with sodium chlorite than lemon juice or lime juice. When using chlorine dioxide transdermally, meaning through the skin, 10% citric acid also penetrates the skin better than lemon juice or lime juice.

The things you should NOT mix with sodium chlorite are just as important as the things you should mix with it. For example, do NOT use any type of bottled lemon juice, such as ReaLemon, as it may have vitamin C added as a preservative.

The bottom line is to always use 10% citric acid, purchased from a vendor of MMS, or if you cannot get that, then use fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice (which you squeezed yourself). Nothing else is acceptable as an activator.

Also note the Miracle Mineral Supplement bottle should NOT be exposed directly to sunlight.

While you can buy chlorine dioxide over the internet, this website recommends that you make it yourself at home. You should make it at home and use it within an hour. Buy Miracle Mineral - at a secure shopping cart

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