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Swine Flu - Is your Health in Danger?

Swine Flu - Is your Health in Danger?

by Lydia Peru

Just as the memory of the Asian Flu slips from our consciousness a new virus makes an appearance. This new potential epidemic is known as the swine flu. Are we facing a new global health problem?


Just like the Bird flu this new strain known as the swine flu originated in animals, but appears to have spread to humans. This is where it becomes truly dangerous and potentially epidemic. Swine flu has been detected in 5 states in the U.S., and has killed over 100 people, maybe more, in Mexico.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, also known as the CDC, the flu virus, such as swine flu, is a type A/H1N1, the type that is most commonly transmitted through liquid made airborne through a cough or sneeze.

How can we counter the spread of flu viruses? One of the most highly recommended, and logical, is simply washing our hands. When you use a tissue you should dispose of it properly, and again wash your hands before handling anything or touching your nose, mouth or eyes.

When you think about it, its easy to spread the risk of swine flu or any other virus through that surprise sneeze. Common sense and action do not always go hand in hand, and sometimes we overlook the simple steps like cleaning our surroundings to knock out those lingering viruses and bacteria.

Did you know there are many holistic natural steps you can take to cleaning your environment and lessening the risks of viral contaminants such as the swine flu? Water purification drops is one such solution, and not only is it safe and effective but it is also easy on the wallet.

Many of us think of water purification drops as something to take along on a camping trip, and using for that single purpose. You would be surprised at how you can use a few drops of water purification drops in a spray bottle to clean counter tops, bathrooms, door knobs, and more.

When mixed with its activating food based acid, the water purification drops become active, and seek out harmful pathogens such as the swine flu virus. These drops in this highly diluted form do no harm to healthy oxygenated tissues, so it is safe to use, and when done it turns to water and salt.

We do not need all those heavy chemical with warnings that say use in a well ventilated area. There are healthier solutions to controlling our personal and work environment. The swine flu, or any other flu for that matter, does not need to threaten our busy lives.

For more article on Swine Flu, Disease and Epidemics, Pure Water and other related topics, visit our Healthy Living blog. One of the easiest low cost methods for reducing viruses and bacteria in our environment is through water purification drops. Find WPD and other water purification products at reikiranch.net.

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