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How to mix MMS- Miracle Mineral Supplement-- The Procedure to Activate MMS

So the "How to mix MMS- Miracle Mineral Supplement - also called Water Purification Drops" procedure is simple. All you need is:

1. A bottle of MMS

2. A clean, empty, dry glass

3. The MMS bottle top is the dropper bottle. Or use An eyedropper or a measuring spoon, and

4. The activator (vinegar, lemon juice, or citric acid).

The following procedure is taken directly from Jim Humble's site (http://jimhumble.biz/biz-page1.htm).

MMS- Miracle Mineral Supplement -- What is the Normal MMS Protocol

"Important notice: When following the instructions below, keep this paragraph in mind. Always activate the MMS drops with one of the food acids, either lemon juice drops, or lime juice drops, or citric acid solution drops (to make citric acid solution add 1 level tablespoon of citric acid and 9 tablespoons of water. Store it in a bottle with a lid.)

Always use 5 drops of one of these food acids to each one drop of MMS, mix in a empty dry glass and wait at least 3 minutes, then add 1/3 to 2/3 glass of water or juice and drink. (You can expand the 3 minutes out to 10 minutes, and after adding the juice or water you can wait up to an hour before drinking.)

"All protocol for taking MMS in the Americas starts with one or two drops. Never start with more than one or two drops. People who are very sick and/or sensitive should start with 1/2 drop. Activate the drops as given above. Or activate one drop and dilute then pour out the half of the mixture to make 1/2 drop.

"When the procedure is going well -- If you do Okay and do not notice nausea on the first dose, increase by one drop for the second dose. If you notice nausea reduce the amount of MMS for the next dose. Do two doses a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Continue to increase by one drop each time you take a new dose. When you notice nausea, reduce the dose by one drop, or bad diarrhea reduce by 2 or 3 drops. Usually reduce for one or two times before going back the amount that it took to make you nauseous.Note: If you notice diarrhea, or even vomiting that is not a bad sign. The body is simply throwing off poisons and cleaning itself out. Everyone says that they feel much better after the diarrhea. You do not have to take any medicine for the diarrhea. It will go away as fast as it came. It will not last. It is not real diarrhea as the body is just cleaning out, and it is not caused by bacteria or virus. When the poison is gone, the diarrhea is gone.

"Continue to follow the procedure given in 2 above. Until you reach 15 drops twice a day without nausea. At that point increase to 3 times a day. Stay at 3 times a day for at least one week and then reduce the drops to 4 to 6 drops a day for older people and 4 to 6 drops twice a week for younger people.

"Another important note: Once you have completed step 3 above most of the viral, bacteria, mold, and yeast load will be gone from your body. Your body will be clean. You no longer have to worry about feeding the microorganism load. You can base you diet on nutrition, rather than not feeding the load. The diabetes will be (probably) gone, thus you no longer need to worry about sugar. You won't have to worry about the pancreas over reacting thus giving you a shock of insulin. Instead it will give you just enough insulin to knock the blood sugar lever to the right level (You won't feel sleepy after eating a candy bar). Your body will then be able to easily adsorb vitamins and minerals and many other nutrients it might have been missing up to this time. You should feel better as time goes by. Do not quit taking the MMS." Qouted text from Jim Humble's MMS site

Order MMS - click here: This company ships MMS every day and has a secure shopping cart To see the all of the Miracle Mineral Supplement products and a secure shopping cart. They have Jim Humble's DVD's from doctors in Mexican clinics, Jim Humble's book - printed book -- parts I and II together. Citric Acid, plus a mixing bottle, MMS bottles, etc. shipping every day, national and internationally.

Additional Information on the Miracle Mineral - also called "Water Purification Drops" After testing MMS on about 75,000 people, MMS became available to the public early in 2006 when Jim Humble's two books were released.

Facts: As of January 2009 about 310,000 MMS bottles have been shipped to countries around the world, reducing human suffering and early death from blood-borne diseases and parasites.

Your health is important! your immune system forever battling against germs, poisons, and viruses. Your immune system has been trying to keep you well since your childhood at hundreds of things you took in - like mercury, for example, left over from injections you got as a child plus mercury that may still be creeping out of old tooth fillings. The world needs a miracle supplement, something that can restore us back to the health and well-being we had long ago in childhood. MMS will transmute heavy metals like mercury into water and a tiny bit of salt.

Every day we continue to take in toxins, pesticides, chemicals, fluoridated water, and chemically-sweetened soda drinks, We need a way to give our immune systems relief from the bad diet and lack of real live food, super green, etc. Whatever your age, that's how many years you've been tucking away worms, parasites, heavy metals and pathogens that are now stuck in muscles, brains, and blood.

MMS will be shown herein to be an ultimate terminator, a two-penny mineral supplement that has been demonstrated to be capable of quietly seeking out our stored toxins - eliminating them safely and effectively.It has a shelf life of 40 years -- just keep it out of sunlight and cool.

Updated 3-14-09
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